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  • 04 March 2017

What is it and why do you need it? These days, with the advent and popularity of 'devices', a website is no longer just the domain of the Desktop Computer. Laptops, Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones are all too commonplace and are rapidly becoming a first stop for site browsing.

With that in mind, a growing trend over the years has been 'Responsive Design'. Once, a single website actually had to be 2 websites, one for the Desktop and one for Mobile use. This was expensive and often, a dumbed down version of your site was an affordable mobile choice with the opportunity to view a desktop version, albeit at a smaller scale. Ultimately, while this did sserve a need, it was a clumsy attempt to service a bureoning base of users.

Enter Responsive Design. Essentially this means that a single website could scale to suit a range of screen sizes, from a Computer to a Tablet to a Phone.

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Simply, yes you do. Google in its infinite wisdom progressed the logic of responsive design to the point where in 2014 it made it rewarding to have one, as opposed to an unfriendly (non-responsive) desktop version or the stop-gap Desktop & Mobile sites. Search reference is important to all, content, worth, information and design all play vital roles. Many sites these days utilise a CMS system which is costly and all too often has a steep learning curve. Beyond that requirement, formats of responsive elements have been injected into the design arena to handle and handle well, the need for solid cohesive responsive design for 'any' device.

So, a lot has changed over the last half dozen years and your online presence really does need to keep pace, for the sake of your Users and in an effort to undetake what Google considers particularly (and logically) very important. You don't necessarily need ALL the bells and whistles, but the responsive line is one you need to follow.

Eyecue can assist with a solidly designed Responsive Site to suit you needs and give your business (and your clients/customers) the best possible experience whenn they interact with your business online and we manage it for you, so you can get on with your business.