Maintaining a Brand... an Identity... a Quality... a Perception!

In today's world, an established business is often remarakably blind to how it is actually seen by its customers.

With an experienced consultation, Eyecue can report on areas of strength to areas that can be improved with quality advice and recommendations that will polish your business and provide a better UX (experience) to your customers and clients...

An investment in a consultation on ways to evolve, polish and change that will have immediate and long-term benefits.

Perth UX Consultations

When was the last time you...

For example, when was the last time you actually listened to your On-Hold message? What is the first thing your customer hears? What message is being given and how does it sound - friendly, flat, going through the motions...?

What about your Branding and Byline, your Stationery, your Website, your Brochures, your Signage, your overall look? Does it make sense, is it cohesive, does it relate? How does a customer or client see you..?

To gain more of an understanding on how UX relates to you and why it is important to not only have in the beginning, but maintain as your business progresses and develops and evelves. Take a look at the video from the UX Foundation

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