Advertising Design

Getting some attention...

Press Design PerthPress Advertising is one key way to get your business name and services across in a defined and targeted format. We wont delve into the myriad of press options out there, but if you are keen to market with that format, Eyecue can assist

The phrase "don't stand in line to look like everyone else" is relevant here. The purpose of a successfull press ad is to:
A - Be seen
B - Get noticed
C - Deliver your message positively

To achieve this your layout must be coherant, relevant and ultimately have the ability to be suitably noticed initially and then to deliver on the other fronts. In the end, no one can really guarantee a result, however, good design with a good product or service, delivered in a good way, to the right audience has the best opportunity for success.

That said, design and content is absolutley critical for any form of advertising (press or other). Content, graphics, imagery and overall compliance to the brand is key and in this Eyecue has years of experience in delivering consistently high quality design. Contact us to make any enquiry.

Eyecue Design creates Agency Quality design works to put you in the best position to achieve on those fronts with modern, clever, forward thinking and noticeable press layouts...