Professional Voiceovers

  • Radio Advertising.
  • Television & Cinema Advertising.
  • Seasoned Radio & Television Imaging Voice.
  • Corporate, Inductions, Event Voiceovers, AV Narrations.
  • Television Program & Documentary.
  • Broadcast Quality In-House Voice Recording.

Quality Voiceover Services

Media these days is awash with sub-par voices. The voiceover is is one of two major elements in a TV Commercial and of primary focus in a Radio Commercial, get it right and it works, get it wrong and your campaign becomes a part of ...the rest.

Connection to the audience is key. A quality, professional voiceover with genuine range is imperative to your campaign to 'touch' your market and achieve results. With well over 30 years experience in media as a professional voice and Radio Presenter, Chris Brown has been a part of the industry in Perth providing services for broadcasting in radio and television, along with corporate voice work for a vast array of diverse clients.

An imaging voice for Channel 9 Perth for many years (recording in studio and in-house), plus lengthy tenures on-air at 96FM, 94.5FM, plus Channel 7 and assorted key Advertising Agencies. Experienced, quality delivery with 'broadcast quality' in-house voice recording also available for any project delivery to anywhere, anytime, globally.

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