General Graphic Design

The first thing your client will see 

This is seemingly a simple enough question, on the surface, but realisticly, they can be one in the same or at least a part of each other. Eyecue often writes about a Brand, this of course covers a Logo, which is what we develop. A lot of designers will ‘do a logo’ for you, but we know it goes much, much further than that. Your Logo is just a part of the story and far from a simple thing.

Summing it all up in a real way

Making a mark on your customers’ minds is prized result. By creating a recognisable, trusted and consistent image of your company, you increase tha chance of doing just that. The end result is to to win your customers’ attention and loyalty. Without that differentiation, who are you? More importantly, who are you to them…?

Simply put, a key success factor for your company is your brand. When people think of brand, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a logo. While a logo is indeed a key brand element, and typically the most immediate visual association with a company, there’s much more to a brand than just a logo.

To build a great brand, there are three key terms you need to be aware of:

  • Brand: how people perceive your company.
  • Branding: the actions you take to build a certain image of your company.
  • Brand identity: the collection of tangible brand elements that together create one brand image.

Perception is of primary importance 

A brand is set of distinctive perceptions, ideas and feelings that people have about your company, which set it apart from alternatives. Basically, your brand is what your consumers think of you… Branding is the active process of shaping the perceptions that consumers have about your company. All the steps that you take to build awareness and reputation around your company and its product or services live in the area of branding. Your branding efforts may not always fully translate into your customers’ minds, but the more deliberate and cohesive they are, the higher the chance of success.

 Your brand is powerful 

This power that a logo has can not and should not be underestimated or not treated with the due diligence it requires – it is important. Eyecue Design creates logos/brands, we carefully culture a final result from all the information we gather from you, we look at your field of business, your competitors, your vision and then create the best solution for you. We provide a branding pack which includes all forms of your logo for use in virtually any environment, we create a suite of layouts for your Stationery to provide valuable synergy – a complete package.

A brand is a logo, a logo is a brand – Either way it needs to positively identify itself (as you) to your audience – Eyecue can assist. Find out more about Branding here.