The cornerstone of your visual identity

Perhaps the first consideration is “what is a brand?” A business brand stems from its Logo, its Identity. This is why a logo design is absolutely critical. Well used terms like ‘this is what your customers/clients first judge you by’ sounds like a cliche, but the logic is absolutely sound. Essentially, this is why large companies spend a fortune initially on their logo, then follow that with the marketing of their Brand.

Consider Coca Cola for example, it would be nothing short of staggering to calculate just how much this company over the years they have invested in their various forms of Branding. From cans, bottles, cartons and crates, to product and packaging design, numerous types of corporate collateral from a humble business card to investors and annual reports, to all manner of signage, to vehicles and uniforms, point of sale marketing, advertising (TV, Press, Digital) and so on, and so on… This brand and its marketing has been key to their successes over many years.

But do I really need it?

A business, large or small (this really doesn’t matter) most certainly needs it. Obviously budget is a consideration when determing what you need, but one step past a superior, well crafted and valid logo is its use. Stationery items, collateral, signage, marketing, advertising, etc is all relevant and scalable depending on the business and its goals. Don’t think for a second that it is not important, people will look at it and formaulate an instant opionion, either consciously or subconsciously that either makes or breaks you.

It is vital to understand the relevance that branding has in relation to how a customer sums you up in mere fractions of a second. A Brand needs to represent the business, provide an underlying quality or reference to what they do or supply, have a relationship with the product, service or company and most of all, represent a clean, professional and trustworthy face. It is almost daunting to think that just one thing, one aspect of your business can have that much potential power, but it does and this is why these first steps or resteps in this proces are key. Your logo paves the way, good design, forethought, experience and structure will progress that brand (and that business…)

In short, yes it is important. Brand synergy and cohesion is vital with anything that leaves your office – anything! You can rely on Eyecue to provide that. Find out more about Branding here.