The first thing your client will see 

In any sense, the design of a logo for your business is critical. It needs to be considered, researched, universally adaptable and definable by your core market. With these elements, your logo will become your ‘Brand’. This is the critical part, without the before mentioned aspects of consideration, your ‘brand’ will be …weak, it will not serve its purpose and will certainly not resonate with your market. Style, colour, simplicity and ultimate adapibility is key to to a well considered and designed logo.

Careful consideration must be applied to the design use, be it for Stationery, Collateral items (Reports, Brochures), Marketing (Flyers, Dispaly Banners), Advertising, Signage and a host of other uses. Can it be utilised in different ways? This ultimately add to its adaptability and aids in keeping the brand vibrant and fresh.

The shoulds and should nots of Logo Design

It seems that there are all manner of ‘Logo Suppliers’ online, all of the cheap ones are dreadful – you really get what you pay for. Conversely, there are Advertising Agencies that come with a very high price premium. Then there are the in-betweeners. It seems logical that this group would fit most business budgets, but beware, there are some shockers here too!

Your logo is a critical element in your business, be it established or brand new and should not be underestimated in any way. Simply, if you are pouring the energy and funds into a new venture or revitalising an older one, you need to position your ‘look’ in the best way possible. Agencies do a great job, but it does come with a hefty premium. But who actually creates the logo? The Designer does, not the whole Agency. So, wouldn’t make sense to to go to the person whom is directly responsible for it?

As for the shoulds. Your logo becomes your brand, it is often the first thing people see to judge you by, so it needs to be good, really good! Your brand then is the base for so many things, signage, collateral, marketing items, brachures, pamphlets, reports, advertising and so on. It will be a part of so many things it needs to be given due consideration and designed by a professional with a style that suits the business and ultimately delivers on all fronts to your audience.

Your brand is powerful 

This power that a logo has can not and should not be underestimated or not treated with the due diligence it requires – it is important. Eyecue Design creates logos/brands, we carefully culture a final result from all the information we gather from you, we look at your field of business, your competitors, your vision and then create the best solution for you. We provide a branding pack which includes all forms of your logo for use in virtually any environment, we create a suite of layouts for your Stationery to provide valuable synergy – a complete package.

Eyecue also offers vital advice and insight into a representation of how your brand can be utilised in a host of practical ways. Find out more about Branding here.